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S.P.88 Ascoli S. , Stornarella KM 0+600
71048 Stornarella, FG
Phone: +39 0885 437900
Fax: +39 0885 437003
Products Sundried Tomatoes, Sundried Vegetables, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Antipasto, Ready Made Meals, Specialty Pasta, Organic Products
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Fiordelisi Srl
Fiordelisi srl is an Italian company leader in production of Sundried and semi dried vegetables, mainly tomato. Moreover Fiordelisi produces a wide range of antipasti. The most of the vegetables that Fiordelisi processes come from its own farms, so that thanks to experience and manufacturer capability the company is able to follow all the products processing "from field to fork" with constant checks on the quality. This is the key allowing Fiordelisi to satisfy all the customer needs, whether they are in food service or retail, and to produce for great European big distributor's private labels.

Sundried Tomatoes

fiordelisi is a leading company in the production of sun dreid tomatoes. We pack it in many different size and recipes.

Sundried Vegetables

a full range of vegetables dried in the sun are available in bags as well as processed and packed in jars with oil and herbs.

Oven Roasted Vegetables

Semi dried tomatoes is of our main production, available in different packaging.


a full range of antipasti available under our brand or packed in private label. Fiordelisi actually supply the main supermarket chains in Europe with branded antipasti as well as distributors all over the world.

Ready Made Meals

Ready to eat antipasti, perfect also as ingredients for salads or other recipes and as cookingingredients in bakery.

Specialty Pasta

Courgetti nests is a pure vegetable pasta, naturally gluten free, carbohydrate free but rich in minerals and taste!

Organic Products

all our range is available under organic production.